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Welcome to Sunmither Martial Arts School

Welcome to our Taekwondo school, where discipline and respect pave the path to greatness. Embrace the art of self-defense and personal growth in a nurturing and empowering environment. At our school, we uphold two core values:


We believe in treating each other with dignity and courtesy, fostering a culture of mutual respect among students, instructors, and the wider community.


Through rigorous training and dedication, we instill discipline as a cornerstone of our practice, enabling students to develop mental fortitude and achieve their full potential.

Sunmither Taekwondo Courses

Bringing Life to Your Smile

Little Ninja (Ages 3/4)

Welcome to our Martial Arts Little Ninja TKD Program, tailor-made for children aged 3 to 6 years. Our Little Ninja TKD classes revolve around fostering skill development through interactive play and enjoyable activities, all while establishing clear behavioral expectations and boundaries. Below, we’ve outlined the foundational principles that guide our teachings:

Junior Program (Ages 6-12)

Building a strong foundation for a child’s growth requires a unique and supportive community. At SunMither TKD School, we recognize that guiding a child toward balance and success demands more than just martial arts instruction – we are educators devoted to nurturing confident, capable individuals. In the early years, a parent’s example shapes a child’s path. As they gain independence, surrounding them with mentors who share our family values becomes crucial. Our programs extend beyond physical techniques; they encompass life skills that empower your child to excel.

Empower Program (Ages 9-Above)

Unlock your potential in our dynamic Taekwondo program designed for individuals aged 9-13 and beyond. Here, you’ll not only acquire vital skills to enhance your health and fitness, but also embark on a journey towards greater self-confidence and personal growth. Our approach revolves around proven teaching techniques that nurture self-esteem, focus, discipline, and control.

Special Need

Taekwondo offers numerous benefits for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), contributing to their physical, mental, and social growth. Here’s a concise breakdown of how Taekwondo can help:

Who is Master Bahareh?

I derive immense joy from helping students uncover the extent of their capabilities. Witnessing their success as they practice techniques and adapt them to their unique learning styles is truly gratifying. Each student embarks on a distinct learning journey, and I cherish the opportunity to guide them through it.

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SunMither Taekwondo Belts

From White Belt to 9th Dan Belt with SunMither
Yellow Strip
Green Strip
Blue Strip
Purple Strip
Brown Strip
Orange Strip
Red Strip
Black Strip

Taekwondo Belts FAQ

Taekwondo belt colors reflect the level of your knowledge and how far have you reached on your Taekwondo voyage. Every single belt rank has its meaning, from the beginning and lack of knowledge to blood, danger for your opponents, and mastery.

To progress in Taekwondo belt rankings, you’ll have to do forms and sparring. Also, there are power tests at some points of your voyage.

Smaller ranks demand less technical knowledge, while spars and a power test mostly start from the 6th kyu. You’ll have to break a board or show more difficult elements, depending on your Taekwondo black belt.

The two most popular belt systems are World Taekwondo Federation, I will describe both:

White belt, Yellow stripe, Yellow belt, Green stripe, Green belt, Blue stripe, Blue belt, Purple stripe, Purple senior Orange, Orange senior, brown, brown senior belt Red stripe, Red belt, Junior Black belt, Black belt.

Smaller ranks demand less technical knowledge, while spars and a power test mostly start from the 6th kyu. You’ll have to break a board or show more difficult elements, depending on your Taekwondo black belt.

Tae Kwon Do levels, represented by different belt colors, are differentiated based on the practitioner’s skill level, knowledge, and experience. Each rank or level signifies a step forward in the practitioner’s journey of mastering Tae Kwon Do. The white belt is the starting level, representing purity and potential. The next levels include yellow, green, blue, and red belts, each requiring the practitioner to learn new techniques, forms, and principles. The black belt is the highest level, representing maturity, calmness, and full mastery of Tae Kwon Do. It’s important to note that within the black belt rank, there are further degrees or “dans” to achieve, symbolizing.

Happy Stories

What our students say about us!
"Sunmither Taekwondo has been a life-changing experience for me. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and the sense of community among the students is amazing."
Dorothy Palmer
"I joined Sunmither Taekwondo a few months ago, and I'm already seeing improvements in my flexibility and self-confidence. The classes are challenging but fun!"
Randy Tran
"The atmosphere at Sunmither is so positive and welcoming. The instructors pay attention to each student's progress and provide personalized guidance to help us succeed."
Amy Turner
"Joining Sunmither was one of the best decisions I've made. The energy in the dojo is contagious, and I always leave feeling empowered and accomplished."5. "As a parent, I'm thrilled with the values Sunmither instills in my child. They're learning respect, perseverance, and focus while having a blast in every class."
Endang Everdeen
"Sunmither Taekwondo School sets high standards for excellence. The instructors' dedication to helping us achieve our goals is unmatched, making every training session worthwhile."
Joe Alan

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